Budowa chodnika w miejscowości Kaźmierzyn

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Budowa chodnika w miejscowości Kaźmierzyn

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» Time limit for receipt of tenders

03.10.2023 | 09:30

» Location

87-731 Waganiec

» Category assortment

  • Construction supervision and other construction services
  • Other construction and renovation works
  • Landscaping services
  • Technical building installation services
  • Dismantling services
  • Road and railroad services
  • Dredging and regulation of water bodies and watercourses
  • Design services
  • Finishing and renovation works

» Buyer data

Gmina Waganiec
ul. Dworcowa 11
87-731 Waganiec
telefon: Brak
fax: Brak
email: Brak
nip: Brak
regon: Brak

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