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About Marketplanet OnePlace

OnePlace – whom is it for?

Every day, thousands of companies start new business relationships and conduct commercial transactions at Marketplanet OnePlace. Are you interested in driving your sales, promoting your company and reaching out to new clients? Or maybe you are looking for reliable suppliers and the way to facilitate cooperation between purchase and finance departments in your company? Marketplanet OnePlace is the solution for you. Create your account and enjoy the advantages offered by OnePlace.

OnePlace – who buys here?

At Marketplanet OnePlace there are several tens of big and several hundred of medium-sized companies conducting 200 000 transactions with PLN 25 milliard turnover a year. The Marketplanet purchasing platforms are solutions used by leaders in the Polish market. Each day at OnePlace, over 30 000 users find suppliers in their sectors. There are companies from financial, FMCG, energy, mining, construction, pharmaceutical, services and public administration sectors. See who buys at OnePlace.

What is a supplier cloud?

A Supplier cloud is a solution of cloud computing, with many suppliers in one place ready to electronically:

  • place offers
  • collect purchase orders
  • issue invoices

It facilitates cooperation between buyers, suppliers and financial departments, enabling companies to conduct the entire commercial transaction – from finding a new business partner, through negotiations, to invoice settlement and on-line payment – at a single place. The cloud of suppliers is accessed on-line and requires no implementations.

Marketplanet OnePlace – how is the platform different from a notice board?

Marketplanet OnePlace is not a list of notices but a platform with sellers and buyers conducting transactional activities. This is a place for maintaining business relationships, finding new clients and also a comfortable system for conducting all the purchasing and sales processes at a single place.

If you are a buyer

How is QuickDeal different from a request for proposal?

Both of these tools enable you to select an optimal source of supply.
QuickDeal is a simple purchasing tool that allows for a quick selection of relevant supplier based on a single criterion of price. It streamlines the supplier selection process to the minimum. In only 3 steps, you will be able to prepare and send a request for proposal, collect and compare offers as well as select the best supplier.
An electronic request for proposal is the best solution for collection and assessment of offers when the selection criteria, apart from the price, also include e.g. delivery time, guarantees or any other criteria – you determine the most important assessment criteria for you and decide on their weighting. Electronic requests for proposals at OnePlace are well-proven solutions that are used at purchasing platforms by the biggest companies in Poland.

What product ranges suppliers will I find at OnePlace?

OnePlace is a cloud of suppliers who provide products and services in 243 categories. Some of the suppliers are big enterprises offering a wide variety of products, while others are companies focused on a specific business area. Most of them however are suppliers who cooperate with the biggest companies in the market. Suppliers awarded with the title of a Certified OnePlace Supplier are companies who have successfully completed the OnePlace certification procedure – has been audited in terms of their financial and market situation, the range of their offer, brand and reputation, innovation, and business potential. This means that they have demonstrated their business credibility in dealing with their clients.

Can I benefit from OnePlace if my company already operates a purchasing system?

The integration of OnePlace with your purchasing platform will enable you to manage purchases and settlements even more effectively. OnePlace offers you the opportunity to extend your base of potential suppliers through the access to the group of suppliers well-prepared to place offers, collect purchase orders and issue invoices electronically. OnePlace can be integrated with the existing systems, ERP, purchasing platforms or accounting systems of a company.

How do I find a supplier at Marketplanet OnePlace?

To find a supplier at Marketplanet OnePlace you just need to open the browser and mark the products and services categories you are interested in. Additionally, you may also limit the search by entering key words that are relevant to your requirements. The returned profile of a supplier will show the information about the supplier’s activity, references and finance documents. To start cooperation, you only need to invite the supplier to tender.

What are the OnePlace advantages for purchasers?

  • Extended base of suppliers with reliable and credible companies
  • Reduced time of market research to find a supplier
  • Reduced time of negotiating the terms through on-line negotiations:
    • QuickDeal – request for quotation
    • Requests for Proposals – requests covering more selection criteria than solely the price
    • Electronic auctions
  • Conducting the ENTIRE commercial transaction at a single place, up to an electronic invoice and on-line payment.
  • Integration with the company’s existing systems, ERP, purchasing platforms, accounting systems.

If you are a seller

Why is it beneficial to become a certified OnePlace supplier?

The status of a certified supplier confirms the reliability of your company. Buyers who are looking for a supplier at OnePlace will first see your offer as a verified supplier in your products and services range category. With the certification programme at OnePlace, suppliers have the opportunity to further promote their offer and demonstrate the reliability of their companies.

What are the advantages of OnePlace for sellers?

OnePlace is an excellent sales channel for your company. Every day, you will receive information about requests for proposals within your sector. You will therefore gain the opportunity to be ahead of your competition and quickly place your offer. OnePlace means:

  • Savings of time and money necessary to search for clients
  • Access to requests for proposals and tenders at ONE PLACE
  • Ongoing monitoring of potential clients’ activities
  • Promotion of your company and its offer
  • Demonstration of your company’s reliability – with the Certified Supplier Status

How can I receive notifications about requests and tender procedures at OnePlace?

At Marketplanet OnePlace, we keep up with the times. You may receive notifications about requests for proposals you are interested in to your computer or, in a mobile version, to your tablet or phone. In this way, you may always stay connected to the market and never miss a sales opportunity.

What are the benefits of the Certified Marketplanet OnePlace Supplier title?

  • Access to all requests for proposals of Marketplanet OnePlace Partners
  • Selected requests precisely matching your offer
  • Presence in an exclusive group of certified suppliers
  • Presentation of your company’s profile in Marketplanet OnePlace Partners’ purchasing systems
  • Access to the market any time, any place with the Marketplanet OnePlace mobile application

How will Marketplanet OnePlace select requests matching my offer?

The notifications are filtered based on the product and service categories selected by the user as well as key words that most appropriately describe his business. Consequently, incoming requests are customized precisely to the company’s offer.
To ensure the most appropriate selection of request for proposals, Marketplanet OnePlace offers the option to set filters including the request notification mechanism.

If you work in a finance department

What are the OnePlace advantages for finance department employees?

Marketplanet OnePlace facilitates the work of buyers and suppliers but also of financial departments in organizations. With the opportunities offered by OnePlace, finance departments’ employees:

  • may easily control the workflow and automate payment processes in a company
  • reduce the errors in document processing, including invoices
  • eliminate paper invoices, which significantly reduces the time needed to process and read an invoice
  • benefit from a limited risk of errors and save time
  • facilitate their cooperation with the purchasing department
  • will receive automated purchase orders confirmations, receipt document and invoices (3-way matching), to further improve their work.

Technical support

How do I open an account at Marketplanet OnePlace?

To open an account, you only need to select the "Log in" tab from the main page, and next choose the "Register now" option. Any further instructions for registration will be sent to your e-mail address or displayed on the screen.

Why is there a problem with a password to my account?

Make sure that the password you entered complies with the requirements: at least eight characters, including one capital, one small letter and a digit. If the issue continues, please contact the OnePlace Team: / (+48) 22 576 87 90