Test your e-signature

Before competing for a public tender or an auction check if you are able to sign the bid form with a qualified e-signature. Thereby, correctly submit an electronic tender.

The test below will verify if you have all the necessary components installed on your computer in order to sign the tender and other documents. In the absence of any item, you will be notified and asked to download browser extensions such as 32-bit JAVA or Szafir SDK Web.

  • Operating system
    Your operating system is not supported.
    We recommend: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Web browser
    Your web browser is not supported.
    We recommend: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Browser extension (plugin)
    You do not have a necessary browser extension dedicated to e-signature. To download and install the plugin please click on the link below and follow the instructions. After installation please reload the site.
  • JAVA and Szafir Host application
  • Szafir Host application is initializing
    Szafir Host application error:
  • Szafir Host application is starting
    Szafir Host application error:
  • Test your e-signature
  • E-signature verification