If you have not got a purchasing system in your company

» Start to collect information and offers from the market easily and quickly.
Negotiate better terms and advantage from the possibilities offered by electronic tools.

QuickDeal Finding the best offer has never been so easy

QuickDeal is a simple purchasing tool that allows for an accelerated selection of the best possible contractors and sources of supply. The process is limited to the necessary minimum. In only 3 steps you will prepare and transmit requests for proposals, collect and compare offers as well as select the best supplier.


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Research the market and compare offers thanks to Electronic Requests for Proposals (eRFX)

If you would like to create requests that cover a greater number of criteria, the Electronic Requests for Proposals is the right solution (eRFX facilitates the work of the Buyers who use multi-criteria and multi-positions requests). With editable templates, you may configure the requests customized to your needs as well as use your own offer assessment patterns.


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See the difference between QuickDeal and electronic requests for proposals.

  • Number of positions

  • Criteria

  • Application

  • Examples

  • QuickDeal

  • 1

  • Price only

  • Purchases of low value, unplanned, unrepeatable

  • 2 DELL laptops,
    20 pocketbooks

  • eRFX

  • Unlimited

  • Any criteria subject to assessment: guarantee, payment dates, delivery dates

  • Planned purchases,
    multi-stage purchasing projects



Negotiate with suppliers online thanks to electronic auctions

Electronic auctions will facilitate your on-line negotiations with suppliers.

Electronic auctions is the most advanced purchasing tool for "live" bidding by Suppliers who have been invited to participate in an auction. A multi-position and multi-criteria auction with the option of additional auction time will meet all needs and expectations of demanding Buyers. It is a comfortable solution that will help you to select the best offer.


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» Find new suppliers
on OnePlace

OnePlace is the platform with over 25000 suppliers in 263 product range categories.

On OnePlace you will find new suppliers, see individual profiles of their companies and obtain more competitive offers.

Certification of suppliers

OnePlace suppliers certification is an original evaluation program based on 14 years experience in cooperation with the departments of purchases of the largest companies in the CEE.

A certificate is awarded to companies that have proved their reliability in completing orders made by their commercial partners. This is an indication that certified suppliers are capable of ensuring relevant supply and guarantees their credibility.

Current communication with the market

Dedicated information about your requests are being transmitted daily (via e-mail, Twitter, sms) to companies that might be interested to respond. You will save time and money, but at the same time you will be confident that your request has been addressed properly.

Supplier entrance programme

A dedicated OnePlace team supports new companies in their activities in the world of e-commerce B2B.