Do you have purchasing system?

Do you manage purchases and finance with an ERP system?

1 Extend your supplier base to include reliable companies from the market

OnePlace offers the possibility to communicate and cooperate with suppliers who provide supply to the biggest companies in the market – always on-line. The uncomplicated integration with suppliers' systems and real time communication result in greater suppliers' involvement in your purchasing process.

Certification of suppliers

There are no random companies on OnePlace. During the registration process each company is subject to verification. Additionally, companies have the opportunity to enter the certification process covering six areas of analysis:

  • Financial situation
  • Market situation
  • The range of products offered
  • Brand and reputation
  • Innovation
  • Process, production and experience sharing potential

Current communication with the market

If you are present on OnePlace, the information about your requests will directly reach suppliers interested in your request. You will save time and money on market research.

Supplier entrance programme

A dedicated OnePlace team supports new companies in their integration and sales processes in the on-line market. Each company is assisted by a Consultant who provides support in the company's initial operation on OnePlace.

2 Manage your purchases and finance more effectively through integration of OnePlace with your purchases and ERP systems.

Even in the case of an organization with a complicated purchasing and payment process, OnePlace will support you in its control and automation. OnePlace is a platform that integrates solutions that are already in operation. In this way, it improves the potential of the systems by extending their ability to cover your supply chain so that it will become even more effective.

Manage purchases and finance with OnePlace

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Accelerate your processes

OnePlace gives possibility of integrating storage, purchasing and accounting processes in your company.

Manage commercial documentation in one place

Integration of OnePlace and ERP systems enables sending and signing commercial documents in whole supply chain.

Manage payments more effectively

Thanks to the integration, data from OnePlace can be easily verified with data from ERP systems, which significantly shortens the payment settlement process.

Take advantage of innovative cloud solutions and become a market leader

Electronic communication with suppliers on OnePlace in combination with your ERP system creates a new value in the market.

3 Save time and limit the risk of errors. Use electronic documents to manage your supply chain.

OnePlace will eliminate paper invoices and as a result will reduce the time and errors related with manual invoice processing. It enables multichannel introduction of invoices through:

  • www
  • Pdf/txt
  • Scan
  • EDI/xml

Invoice processing automation

Automated invoice processing will improve your supplier relations, increase control over cooperation with suppliers and allow for a more effective use of the company resources. It facilitates collaboration between buyers and accounting departments. It also provides seamless connectivity with ERP systems and accounting tools.

Verification of supplier invoices

OnePlace as an integration platform offers complete information about the entire history of the contract, including the price, terms and conditions and the fact if the goods have been delivered.
As a result it permits to control invoice's compliance with the purchase order and receipt. (3-way matching).